18th Germinal Centre Conference 11-14 September 2014
The 1st Germinal Centre Conference (or more correctly International Conference on Lymphatic Tissues and Germinal Centres in Immune Reactions) was held in 1960 and the conference series has been focused on in vivo studies of immune responses ever since. Following a very successful meeting in Birmingham in 2011 we are now pleased to announce that the 18th Germinal Centre Conference that will be held in Uddevalla, Sweden between 11-14 September 2014. As has been the tradition, the 18th GCC will be focused on in vivo immune responses, in particular the development, activation and fate of cells involved in germinal centre reactions. There has been considerable advances in this area over the last years. The development of ever more powerful microscopic techniques has lead to greater insights into cellular movements and interactions. The cloning of AID and subsequent characterizations of its functions has allowed deeper insights into genetic events that shape B cell functions. Next generation sequencing and single cell cloning and expression of monoclonal antibodies have provided insights into the relationship of different cell stages during immune responses. In addition, important findings have been made with regard to development of B cells and IgA responses at mucosal sites. With the aim to highlight these areas during the conference, we cordially invite you to attend the 18th Germinal Centre Conference in Uddevalla 2014.

The last date for registration is
4 August 2014. The abstract submissions is now closed, but you will be able to submit late-breaking abstracts until 4 August. Information about registrations and late-breaking abstract submissions is now available on the registration page. The meeting program and list of abstracts are now available for download.

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